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Main Title of project Two-Storey Factory Unit
Job Ref 201801WCMA
Value (approx)
(If separate lots/ work
packages please put
approx. value of each)
Total Project £250,000
Planned Start Date Circa Late Autumn 2018
Planned Finish Date Circa April / May 2019
Deadline date for
submission of
completed tenders
By midday – 03rd August 2018
Summary of
Brief summary of project.
To provide a two-story factory unit, largely in keeping with the units
already present, at Stoke Lacy, HR7 4HQ.
Opportunity details Two story factory unit, to provide additional manufacturing and office space. Total downstairs footprint 300m2, 1st floor 300m2. Brick exterior and metal roof in keeping with existing units. Office areas to be constructed on 1st floor.

- Ground works as required, currently a car park area.
- Breezeblock / brick exterior walls to match current units.
- Steelwork to support structure and entire 1st floor area.
- Insulation for walls.
- Electrics for unit, including lighting, networking and fire alarm system.
- Plumbing for unit on both floors.
- 4 toilets, 2 on ground floor, 2 on 1st floor, fitted accordingly to a finished standard, with sinks etc.
- 1 cloakroom on each floor.
- Up to 5 office spaces on 1st floor, with air conditioning.
- Ground floor area to have a small visitor room
- Stairwell to 1st floor.
- Skim and paint all walls to a finished standard.
- 21 radiators throughout, plumbed into existing boiler system (2 zones).
- Air Handling Unit to provide fresh air, and associated duct work and fans.
- Up to 15 Fire Doors for various rooms, including 1 Fire Escape downstairs.
- Carpet for 1st floor office areas, hard resin floor for downstairs.
- Suspended ceiling on 1st floor, appropriate LED lighting and prismatic panels.
- Up to 15 new windows and fitting.
- Current feature window on adjacent unit to be moved to the gable end of the new build unit.
- Roof to be of similar metal construction to current units.
- Small, lightweight goods lift between levels.
Evaluation / Selection criteria Tenders will be accepted for the total project, or individual trades.

Tender Evaluation Criteria will be based on the following:

a) Price.
b) Technical standards and capability
c) Experience and skills.
d) Financial standing.
e) Contract management arrangements.
f) Delivery proposals.
g) Employers and Public liability insurance
h) Health and safety arrangements, including CDM.

For the Invitation to Tender (ITT) please contact Stuart Boxhall on 01885 490500 or email